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Follow the adventures of Bret Blackberg, the drunken, unwilling adventurer as he meets princesses, shadows, knights, potatoes, religious zealots, mermaids, and a host of other characters on his quest to squash prohibition put forth by a mad king.

Where we are at – September 2022

Bret Blackberg: Genesis #1 Released

The first of four issues that highlight Bret’s origin has been released! You can pick them up over at NeftyBlocks, AtomicHub, or NFTHive. Variant and sketch covers will be released over the next month.

WAXWORKS Comic Reader

With the help of WAXWORKS, we launched our comic reader. Gone is the arduous process of having to having to manually enter IPFS URLs. You can now view the comics you own and read them at WAXWORKS! Check it out here.

Where we are going

October 2022

• Blackberg x Heroes of Midgard Crossover comic

• Bret Says PFP releases

Nov/Dec 2022

• Bret Blackberg Issue #4

• More Bret Says PFPs